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CANA Pears

4 whole Conference, Comice or Bartlett Pears, peeled
1 bottle Tamayo Red
3 tbsp granulated sugar (organic/natural is nice!)
3 oz J Jaden Port
1 Cinnamon Stick
2 oz sliced almonds
8 oz vanilla ice cream
6-8 Amaretto Cookies

Allow the Ice Cream to soften at room temperature.

Add Red Wine, sugar, Port and Cinnamon stick to sauce pan. Add whole peeled pears to pan, making sure the wine mixture completely covers the pears (depending on the saucepan, you may need more wine). With the pan covered, simmer for 20 minutes on low heat until the pears are tender but firm and not mushy. Gently remove the pears from the saucepan. Return the liquid to an aggressive simmer (not boil).  Meanwhile, process the Amaretto cookies in a food mill or processor until the crumbs are small and evenly sized, like BB's. Mix the cookie crumbs into the softened ice cream. Return to the freezer. In a dry sauté pan over medium heat stirring regularly, toast the Almond slices until they are aromatic and showing a bit of golden color, about 4 minutes.

To Serve:
Place the poached pear on a dessert plate. Add a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream mixture and artistically drizzle the reduced wine sauce on the plate. Finish by sprinkling with the toasted almonds. Serve immediately. 

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